Guest of honour, Hon. Elijah Moindi and Mr. Moses Nyakiongora…….

Welcome to Hema Secondary school, Chitago, and to the breeze of one of the highest points in the region, for an open day. This day intends to unite all the school stakeholders; neighbours, competitor and colleagues, to socially interact, appreciate and celebrate the success of our 2012 KCS Examination candidates, and also to discuss common issues of development of our schools in the region.  
I take this opportunity to salute and acknowledge your coming, we are indeed privileged to have all of you to this great institution which happens to be among the cradle of science Education in Gusii land.

Thank you very much for honouring our invitation, You are great people, welcome and feel at home.  
We have named this day an Open day. It is Open in such a way that whatever activity you put on program will fit. But most specifically it is meant to be a Union day (not reunion) for the various stakeholders of this school, that is, the Ministry of Education representatives, the Parents and Teachers Association body (PTA) representatives, the Body Governing (BOG), the local leaders, Parents, Teachers, the general Public, Alumina and current Students and finally our smart Competitors. 
All the above categories of persons have a stake in this school and their actions, decisions and interests have different impact, on our operations. We therefore felt that such a day be set aside to enable all of you meet and share experiences as we celebrate the objective of our existence as a school. Schools are set up not for making money, putting up gorgeous building blocks and creating job opportunities, but to mold and build characters of young citizens and produce good examination results.

 It is indeed pleasant to have began yet another year with blessings, we are indeed very grateful to our Almighty heavenly Father for blessing us with a wonderful result in the 2012 KCS Examination. Our precious Lord in His wisdom and matchless favour, endowed us with such a fabulous successes,  in the category of District schools, we emerged second to none in both Kisii and Nyamira Counts, number 2 in all the Nyanza Count schools and number 7 Nationally among the same category of schools.

I pay tribute to my fellow members of the Board of Governors (BOG) of the school, the members of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and the dear parents and guardians of our students , our wonderful, dedicated and ever sensitive and alert teachers who relentlessly and un reservedly devote their last sweat in instructing the students and to our supper warriors and stars, the class of 2012 and the entire students population of our school who have kept the school star gleaming. Last but not least I wish to Congratulate and thank our able and keen Competitors who have always kept us on our toes, and without whose positive none cut- throat competition, we would not have made such wide strides, by now we could have long gone to slumber, we salute you team players, knowing that We have continued to strengthen our cooperation with you our sister schools, those from around this area and even those from far and we look forward to continue working closely and harmoniously with our feeder (primary) schools to identify and nurture characters of our youth. 

Academic excellence is still our cardinal concern like the case has been before. As a result we have continued to attract many students from all over the country which gives the school a national outlook. 
This school is known for the teaching of science and Mathematics in the country and the number of students offering sciences has continued to grow. In fact, we are the best in Mathematics and physics in the region, and the majority of students perform well in sciences.

Finally Brethren, may I take this earliest opportunity to heartily thank all of you our guest for joining us in cerebrating and thanking our Heroes and Heroines of the year 2012 for their excellent performance, not forgetting that it is by the love of our heavenly Father that we have been enabled and ennobled with this great achievement. To this years’ candidates and your young brothers sisters in other classes, the standard has been set what do you want to do with it?, break, uphold or water it down, the choice is yours. 

 May we all take a moment and try to reflect on what the Lord has done to us in our lives individually and severally, remember if it was not for the Lord who stood by us when we were faced with the many problems especially those that have destroyed or even taken the lives of our beloved ones, think of what would have happened if it is not for the Lord who is in control. (Psalm: 124).

It is a proven fact that those who depend on the Lord will never fail, so please may you look upon the Lord for your hold up.            


 A- =3






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