Principalís End year message


                                                                                      Date: 10/12/2013.



Dear parents/ Guardians/ Stakeholders

I convey greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have successfully come to the end of the academic year 2013. Consequently we have officially closed the school today November 20th 2013. The school will reopen for learning programmes on January Tuesday 7th 2014 at 8.00am.

The members of the teaching staff and subordinate staff will hold the start of the year staff meeting on January Monday 6th as from 9.00am. The meeting will be instrumental in laying down necessary logistics on how the programmes of the academic year 2014 will be undertaken.

We wish to thank our Almighty God for His mercies ,grace and tender care that we have enjoyed since the commencement of the year 2013 to this far. We have enjoyed calmness in the school thus an enabling atmosphere that made it possible for our programmes to be conducted smoothly till the end of the year.

The year 2013 has been a busy one and full of activities. The teachers, students and subordinate staff among other stakeholders have worked with enormous dedication and sacrifice to ensure that all the school programmes were propelled to a great success.



The school participated in co-curricum activities as follows:

(i)                 Ball matches

-          Boys and girls volleyballs up to base level.

-          Football boys up to Divisional level

-          Leg ball up to County level.

(ii)               Drama & Music

-          Drama up to Regional level

-          Music up to National level held in Nakuru – Lions primary school

(iii)             Science Congress- our students competed up to Regional level.

(iv)             Cross Country & Athletics

We presented competitors up to divisional level.



(i)                 Syllabus coverage was completed in time eg by July 1st in all forms.

(ii)               CAT series exams were conducted professionally with every department meeting deadlines.

(iii)             The school participated in joint contests with other schools such as Mobamba High, Moi Gesusu , Amabuko among others in Sciences and Maths involving candidates  

(iv)             The school conducted an extremely colourful prize-giving ceremony on 7/6/2013. The occasion was graced by the Hon. Elijah Mosomi Moindi; Member of National Assembly for Nyaribari Masaba as the Chief Guest. Other guests were Mr.  Moses Nyakiongora – Chief Quantity surveyor- Public Works as Assistant Chief Guest, Mr. Jackton Gangre DEO Masaba South among others.

(v)               For candidates were subjected to pre-mock, District Mock and post mock exams. In the District mock, our school emerged number one among thirty nine  schools with a mean of 6.68.

(vi)             National Examiners were united to give lectures to our F iv KCSE candidates in all subjects.

(vii)           Revision materials for candidates were availed in abundance. The finishing by our candidates was vigorous. The candidates were highly disciplined. The last papers were sat on November 15th 2013. It is our greatest hope that our KCSE mean score will improve this time round from 8.432 in 2013 to at least 9.00 in 2013 which is our targeted  for 2013.  

(viii)         A colourful prayer ceremony for candidates was held on October 16th 2013 presided over by Pr. Julius Bichanga and Pr. Evans Makori. We take this early opportunity to thank all those who graced the occasion and made it a great success.



The school has acquired 51 seater school Bus. The Bus body building is underway at Masters Fabricators in Nairobi. We expect the bus to be delivered to us by latest January 2014. The school acquired the bus at a cost of 5.6 million on loan basis financed by KCB Bank Keroka branch. I wish to thank the Branch Manager Mr. Nyakundi and Mr. Maritim for initiating a successful collaboration with us.



Owing to sterling performance of Hema Secondary School,we have received an overwhelming request that we should introduce boarding section. I wish to assure parents and guardians that we have moved with speed and come January 2014, we shall have partial boarding programme in the school. It will be mandatory for all F iv’ students to be boarders . Consideration will be given to forms 1-3 who come from distant places to be boarders as well.



We have laid foundation for three storey boys’ dormitory. The constructing work is coming to the slap level. The CDF office for Nyaribari Masaba has promised to fund as with One million before the end of December, 2013. The total cost of the project is twenty six million. We appeal to other well- wishers to assist us financially in order o realize this dream.

Meanwhile, in order to promptly actualize the boarding programme, we have immediately put up temporary structures (iron corrugated) for boarding programme as from January 2014.



This is yet another milestone in this years’ successes. The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education gave us a grant of ten computers and one modern printer and Kshs. 400,000/-.Through the grant of Kshs. 400,000/= we’ve acquired an LCD projector and one Laptop. Further, we have installed Local Area Network setup and Internet Connectivity. We look forward to commissioning our modern ICT Centre in the school come January 2014


On the basis of the above achievements, I hereby thank the parents and other stakeholders of the school for being supportive in ensuring that all was done to make our collective efforts bear fruits. I therefore wish to appeal to all parents to uphold the dignity of collective responsibility in the year 2014. I wish to remind the prospective parents and the general public that in the year 2014, we will admit F 1 students with 250 marks and above. Come one come  all; we guarantee your child quality education, high discipline level and  spiritual nourishment for proper character development. Interview dates will be communicated for new students willing to join us in F II and F III. There will be no admissions in F iv.


In conclusion, I wish to thank you all for making the year 2013 a great success. May you have best time with your children. Please have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014. May God richly bless you. Thank you.




Principal/ B.O.M Secretary