The Chief Guest, District Commissioner Masaba South,

The Ministry of Education Officials,

KNUT Officials,

BOG and PTA Members,

Members of Hema Old Students Association,

Distinguished Guests,

Guests from Egesa FM

Principals of Secondary Schools,

Head Teachers of Primary Schools,

Parents and Guardians,

Teachers and Students,

Ladies and Gentlemen.


It gives me a great honor and pleasure to welcome you all to our GREAT Hema Secondary School- Chitago. I am extremely humbled to deliver my speech in today’s occasion which marks the year 2011Education Day/ Prize- Giving Ceremony. I therefore consider this opportunity as a privilege in the sense that  I am at home, a place that evokes an enormous nostalgia in me.


 As an Accountant with a very limited vocabulary, I am sure I will be excused if my speech is not delivered with the usual rhetorical flourish expected of a chairman, especially in an occasion such as this one when our “ Heroes and Heroines” As a leader, parent, a member of the community and a child not only born and brought up by the community but who also went to the same school but at the mother primary. It becomes emotional and a bit difficult to be given a hearing by my own people, for a “prophet is not respected at home”. But I will nevertheless Endeavour to speak from the heart to not only our young people but to other stakeholders present here today on a topic that has assumed national importance.

Over 30 years ago, old men, members of this community most of them illiterate, living at “entereko” , a place of Etago, the brown powder produced from broken sedimentary rock and mixed with water to form a solution(the origin of the name Chitago), gave birth to their first school, when they decided to donate their land for the Government to build a school for their young boys and girls, which for many years could only be found in the environs of this region. Schools were then for the educated and the religious people “ Abasomi”, so the schools resided at the educated people’s land, the land of “Bosomi”, where most people from this region went to school and learned how to read and write, and about the true God to be worshiped. It is at this age that many young men and women the age of your speaker, the chairman of this school was born and brought up on this hill. I spent the early  years of my life in this hill and can still vividly remember that what is now a sprawling academic giant school was a mere bushy and dirty village for both the unschooled and notoriously religious community, and less civilized people. A relatively small village with us living at its sloppy edge, near the river, the village which has now become the center of Excellency in education. I sometimes wonder what could have happened with my school life had the old wise men including my late father not come up with this noble idea. Indeed a paradox that many of us including my younger siblings and later you students sitting before me attended this school; I can therefore rightly claim to have a very strong bond with HSSC.


It is my prayer and strong brief that this great visionary and noble ideas from the old men of wisdom that yielded to this wonderful school will only continue producing academic giants but also seasoned and powerful leaders, leaders who will call a spade by its name. Who is a leader? 

"A leader is one who inspires others to greatness. A leader motivates and inspires others to succeed. A leader is a visionary who has the ability to communicate that vision and inspire others to support it.”

Leaders can be trusted. They are fair. They are guided by wise decisions and reasoning and self-regulation. Words like motivation, commitment and integrity accompany descriptions of leaders. Students of HSSD, you have heard the definition of leadership. Do you have these qualities to be good leaders for the future?-may be. Could these qualities be found in you?

I implore the current Students and especially the fourth formers, the 2012 candidates not to be despondent however and give in. They should not compromise themselves but have the courage to be true to their highest convictions. “Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof”. Please remember you are our hope and the only reason for our cerebrations next year and beyond. It is during occasions and times such as these that your effort is cerebrated, rewarded or scorned, work hard.

 “Don’t be like the patient who goes to the Outpatient Department and becomes impatient.” Your school Motto strive for Excellency”-either the best or nothing should be your rallying call. You should each make the effort and pray to succeed, as you know, nothing good comes easily.

Stop the slumber and pick yourself up to succeed. The story is told of a wily Pastor who was approached by a lazy young man who asked for his prayers that he might be able to rise in the morning for a quiet time with God.” Young man”, he replied, “if you will get one leg out of bed I will ask the Lord to help you get the other one out.”  You must not give up and should always have the hope that whatever the present uncertainties, you will, build a better Kenya for the future. Only sober, diligent and upright young men and women can do it.

In conclusion, we should all as stakeholders put our hands to the wheel-students, teachers, parents, community and Government. We are one country and one people. For you as students, being contemporary without compromising the truth should be your objective.  We must not become deterred by hardship, strangeness or doubt. We should depend on a wealth not dependent on possessions, a wisdom not based on books only, or strength not bolstered by might.

My final advice to you all could be found in Philippians 4:8. “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there be any praise, think of these things.” Students, Old students and parents of HSSC, remember that HSSC has strength, it has potential. May it always continue to use its position for the common good.

May the Almighty heavenly Father lead us on our way back home. Thank you.






 A- =3






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