Date: 11/05/2012.


The Chief Guest, DC Masaba South,

The District Education Officer,

KNUT officials led by The Executive secretary Masaba branch,

Education stakeholders,

Mr. Moses Nyakiongora – Chief Quantity Surveyor Ministry Of Public Works,

Dr. Mary Mokaya from Narok University College,

Guests from Egesa FM led by Donya Toto (Dorice Aburi)

Our Suppliers,

Invited Guests,

Colleague principals,

Head teachers of our primary schools,

Parents and guardians,

Teachers and students,

Members of Hema Old Students Association,

Ladies and gentlemen.


I take this great opportunity to warmly welcome all of you to this auspicious occasion of our annual prize- giving ceremony.

This ceremony is a significant annual event in our school calendar. The occasion gives all education stakeholders of the school an opportunity to reflect upon issues affecting education and chart the way forward.

Further, this occasion is a moment of rewarding all those who have done well in order to inspire them and create a motivation and healthy competition to do even better. On this basis, I wish to quote Johann Gottfried Von  Herder who said….. “without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”


In the year 2011, Hema Secondary school registered 79 candidates for K.C.S.E who had a mean score of 8.20164 compared to 2010 candidature of 78 with a mean score of 7.46. This represents a positive deviation of 0.741.Subsequently, the school was ranked position No. 22 nationally in the category of District schools. In the county of Kisii comprising of more than 308 schools, Hema was ranked position 8. On the same note, in Masaba South District with a total of 39 schools, we were ranked position four (4).



Chief Guest Sir, I wish to note that a commendable aspect of our performance is that we significantly reduced the wastage rage amongst our candidates. We instead enhanced attainment of quality grades. In this respect, out of 79 candidates presented by the school in 2011, sixty (60) candidates attained a mean grade of C+ and above.

Kenya’s University entry requirement is a minimum of a C+. This therefore means that in 2011 KCSE, Hema Sec. School produced sixty students with a minimum university entry requirement. The number of candidates who met Joint Admissions Board requirement for admission to Kenya’s public universities were 31 students from 21 in the 2010. Nineteen candidates who attained C plain and below have opportunities to join middle level colleges to undertake various courses. The table below captures 2011 performance breakdown.

































Our chief Guest Sir, it is my greatest happiness to inform this congregation that in the year 2011, Hema Sec. school- Chitago produced the best girl overall in KCSE examination in Masaba south. Her name is Monari M. Veronicah index No. 735213007  who attained a mean grade of A minus of 76 points. Presently she is working in Equity Bank Keroka branch courtesy of the            Bank,s mentorship programme of supporting bright students from needy socio-economic backgrounds.

I hereby take this early opportunity to Commend Equity Bank for its impressive corporate policy.


Ladies and Gentlemen in the year 2012; our School has set a mean score target of 9.00. Just as Mbugua Mumbi; a motivational speaker says that ‘No Dream is Too Big to Achieve’ as a school, we are determined to achieve our mean score dream of 9.00. On the same note, I wish to quote the words of Jack Black who stated as follows……….. “ The greatest gift in life is the ability to think great thoughts and have the strength to take action…… while others simply dream.” In this case we are simply not going to dream but take action to get to our destination.


In order for us to realize continuous improved performance, we have initiated wide ranging measures. We have put in place comprehensive curriculum delivery mechanisms. This includes appropriate admission criteria, syllabus coverage policy where syllabus is covered by June 1st in F IV and September 1st in the rest of the Forms. In addition, we have an examination policy and have embraced the spirit of going an extra mile and enhanced the discipline and commitment of members of the school community. Equally, we have embraced Total Quality Management approach in all our aspects of service delivery. This entails total organizational approach towards realization of the school goals, client based quality service delivery and continuous improvement which is already reflected in our upward trend in KCSE performance over the past five years.


Ladies and Gentlemen I will not forget to thank our Almighty God for granting us great success. He has granted us peace and tranquility which have been instrumental in giving us the enabling environment that we enjoy in the school. In addition, I hereby pay special tribute to members of the school community. The teachers and students were instrumental for the good results that we are celebrating today. We also wish to thank the community of Chitago for cultivating positive school- community partnership. This has  led to calm and stability in the school. Further, BOG and PTA led by Misers Joseph Giteya Mabiria and Mogire Obaga respectively are central pillars to our success.


Chief Guest Sir, our School enjoys cordial support from the Provincial Administration, Ministry of Education (Deo’s office) and other stakeholders. We further appreciate other well wishers and partners of our school for their unwavering moral and material support. This includes Egesa FM led by Madam Donya Toto (Dorice Aburi), our suppliers, pastors Julius Bichanga, Thomas Ngote, Evans Makori, Rev. Morema, Rev. in-charge of Chitago PAG church and  elders from SDA churches of Chitago, Itangi and Itibo among others.


Ladies and Gentlemen, despite remarkable achievements, we are faced by several challenges which have hindered our realization of full potential. These challenges include;

(i)                 Increasing demand for boarding facilities.

(ii)               Understaffing by 13 teachers.

(iii)             Lack of computer laboratory.

(iv)             Lack of library.

(v)               Gender gap in KCSE performance.

(vi)             Inadequate science laboratory.

(vii)           Inadequate classrooms


Towards addressing the above challenges, the school has taken the following measures:


(i)                 Improvising a computer lab. by turning one classroom to a temporary computer lab.

(ii)               Requesting TSC to allocate the school more teachers.

(iii)             BOG has approved partial boarding programme whenever funds will be available to put up structures. We also appeal for assistance from CDF.

(iv)             On inadequate classrooms and science laboratory, we appeal to CDF for funding.

(v)               On the school library, the foundation stone will be laid in the next two weeks with the available little PTA funds. We appeal for assistance from CDF.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our chief Guest, the DEO, all our distinguished Guests, parents and Guardians for sparing their valuable time to come and grace this occasion. I salute all those who made this occasion a success as your donations and contributions in any form has made today’s occasion a great success.

I wish you a safe journey back home. We pray for your journey mercies.

Thank you.

May the good Lord bless you all





 A- =3






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